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Van Boening Vows to Defend USA at the Predator International 10-Ball Championship

Las Vegas, Nevada- USA has mobilized a wealth of its best talent to halt the hordes of foreign stars attending the 8th Annual Predator 10-Ball Championship . Roughly twenty top pros will take on the task of countering their international adversaries. Leading the forefront will be USA's hottest professional Shane Van Boening and veteran mega star Johnny Archer.

📷 Shane Will Lead the Way for USA

The biggest outside threat will be the strong Filipino contingent led by Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, and Alex Pagulayan. USA has strong hopes within their own ranks as players like Van Boening have halted Pinoys such as Ronnie Alcano from winning the US Open and battling back and forth with lion hearted Alex Pagulayan. Other top hopefuls such as John Schmidt, who zoomed past Filipino legend Rodulpho Luat to win the US Open and long time force Johnny Archer, who's Scorpion sting has stung many champions from the eastern hemisphere such as Reyes and Bustamante for years.

"I won the title for the USA last year, and I am confident we can keep the title this year. I know what we can do and what kind of firepower they will be facing when they play against me, Johnny, and the rest of the US crew." said a confident Van Boening. Shane has put his money where his mouth is with wins at last year's Predator World 10-Ball Championship and US Open 9-Ball Championship, leaving a trail of Asian and European victims to the wayside.

"If there is one player the Filipinos are intimidated by right now, it has to be Shane. He is so focused and smooth, nothing seems to phase him. No excuses, he is the real deal." says Mike Davis, currently #3 in the USA rankings. The USA's talented regiment will also include US Open Champions Rodney Morris, Gabe Owen, and Jeremy Jones. BCA Open Champions Charlie Williams and Tony Robles, along with experienced pros Dennis Hatch, Shawn Putnam, Tony Crosby, and hard nosed competitors Mike Davis, Charlie Bryant and Stevie Moore. New hot guns Shaun Wilkie, Mike Dechaine, and Louis Ulrich. Last year's runner up Cliff Joyner will be back as well as veteran and now Hall of Famer Allen Hopkins.

Skybox Seats available for the first time at Predator International 10-Ball Championship. Watch the pros play in style up high in the elite Skybox area seating. In the past, these seats were exclusive only to pro players,special guests and sponsors. This year the Skybox seating will host the pro players and sponsors as well as elite VIP ticket holders who specifically purchase tickets just for the skybox areas. Any remaining tickets can be purchased on site at the tickets sales counter near the pro arena. Buy now in advance at

The 8th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship is produced by Dragon Promotions. The event is hosted by the BCA Pool Leagues at the Riviera Hotel & Casino and sponsored by The Predator Group,, Diamond Billiard Products, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Delta-13 Rack, and Extreme Focus Sports Drink. The event matches will be covered daily by

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