Dragon Promotions is an event productions company creating entertainment events in around the world. Dragon Promotions specializes in organizing and producing TV sports programs, and handles marketing for its clients in various industries.

DP is an expert at handling all logistics of putting on almost any event in any location. DP prides itself in their motto.... 


"The most innovative pioneers in promotions"

Dragon Promotions team of world class producers has successfully created and produced over 200 international events worldwide. In a span of nearly 14 years, Dragon Promotions has produced over 1000 hours of original television programming airing on networks in USA, China, Philippines, Korea, Canada, the Middle East, all of Asia, and Europe. DP has reached literally hundreds of millions of viewers. 

Dragon Promotions began in 2001 founded by promoter and current DP Executive Producer Charlie Williams. Although DP organizes a variety of different events and handles projects in various industries, Dragon Promotions made its name through billiards. Original founder Charlie Williams was a touring world class professional billiards player who had won major championships around the world. Soon after his pro career took off, he utilized his growing name and experiences to start organizing his own events. 

After a successful first year, Dragon Promotions grew rapidly exceeding all expectations and quickly becoming a leader in the industry. Dragon Promotions began producing larger and larger events including for major TV broadcasters such as ESPN, Eurosport, MBC Korea, CJ Media, Star Sports Asia, Studio 23, and ABS-CBN. 

In 2004 Williams stepped down and handed the reins of the company over to new DP CEO, Cindy Lee. Lee was a former Marketing and Forecaster for Motorola and later had become a successful real estate entrepreneur. Lee was brought in to take the rapid growing Dragon Promotions to new heights and use her expertise in managing DP for a new era. DP Sports Management was also created as a branch of DP to manage world class athletes and usher in and nurture new talents. 

Dragon Promotions has had numerous milestones such as breaking TV ratings in the South Korean market with its sports programs; producing the only prize payout and simultaneous charity tennis tournament; creating a first time ever football match with Korea and the Philippines; and till this day maintains one of the largest women's sporting events in Asia. 


Today Dragon Promotions is entering its 14th successful year in producing world class events . Though promoting and organizing events now in various industries such as tennis, golf, billiards and MMA, Dragon Promotions still maintains it's exquisite quality blend of passion, creativity, professionalism, and fun.