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Hohmann Keeps #1 Seed at Lucasi Hybrid Classic 14.1

The Lucasi Hybrid Invitational Classic 14.1 Division is narrowed down to the final 16 players Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville, Florida. Thorsten Hohmann came in as the #1 seed and has dominated his opponents in his first 2 matches including a 125-2 win against Dave Broxson and win against Tommy Najar. Hohmann will remain #1 seed in the re-draw for the final 16 players.

📷 2006 World 14.1 Champion Hohmann Looking Strong at the Lucasi Classic

#2 seed John Schmidt had a little tougher time with a 125-95 win over Tony Crosby while Johnny Archer also makes the cut with his last win over Filipino Santos Sambajon. Charlie Williams came back from behind with a 47 and out run against New York City 14.1 guru and 5th place finisher at the World 14.1 Championship Danny Barouty. Cory Deuel later bounced back from his loss to Tim Hall and eliminated Barouty with a 78 ball run. Dennis Orcullo PHI dominated his foes as well with a 125-22 win over Jason Richko and a 125-17 win over Mark Vidal SPN. Mike Davis made the cut while 14.1 newbie Shane Van Boening made the final 16 with wins over Fujiwara and Stevie Moore.

The biggest upset of the day was Germany's 16 year old junior champ Dominic Jentsch destruction of Mika Immonen 125 to -3. Jentsch made a 70 ball run and held Immonen captive throughout the match. Immonen later avenged himself and made the final cut with a win over Russia's Hans Berber.

The final 16 14.1 macthes begin at 11am tomorrow with the Finals set for 9pm. The Lucasi Hybrid Classic 10-Ball Pro event begins at 830pm.

All the events are sponsored by Lucasi Hybrid, Cue & Case, Ozone Billiards, and Bankshot Billiards. Official equipment is Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Master Chalk, and Delta-13 Rack. Clothing wear will be available at event by Gambler Clothing and cue repair by Image Que's John Spidel.

Tickets on sale now at Bankshot Billiards More info on events can be found at

The Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open drew in over 60 amateur players vying for the 8-Ball titles during the Lucasi Classic Pro events. The 9-Ball division will get underway on Friday night at 8pm with an expected over 100 plus player turnout in addition to the 48 man pro 10-Ball event.

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