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Bustamante, Immonen & Archer Untested: Ouschan,Robles,Sigel Face D Day

East Brunswick, New Jersey- Day 2 has concluded in the first stage of the event, the Round Robin. 64 players were fighting for positioning for tomorrow's final day, while a handful of players have already secured their spots for the cut of 32 players in the next round. USA's Johnny Archer and Finland's Mika Immonen are thus far undefeated with 5 wins each. Archer gave NYC fan favorite Steve Lipsky a loss while Immonen FIN breezed through Mike Davis USA to guarantee his spot. Bustamante outplayed Souquet to stay undefeated.

Other players looking good to qualify include Defending Champion Oliver Ortmann GER who came back from a 75 to -1 deficit on USA's Mike Dechaine. Ortmann dropped an opening round against Allen Hopkins, but has since won three matches and he has the players with the worst records left. Legendary Mike Sigel USA showed 14.1 prince Thorsten Hohmann some old school magic as Sigel win 100- Sigel was then defeated by Charlie Williams USA, who has been the hothand on tour the past two weeks. Williams was down 74 to 11, but made a great comeback to 74-72, and then won a safety exchange which costed Sigel to take 3 fouls and left Williams an opening in which he took advantage and ran out 100-57. Sigel likely needs one win, where two will guarantee him tomorrow and he will be a big favorite in those matches. Mike Davis USA needs two wins and will be playing the two statistically weakest players tomorrow. Raj Hundal IND looked in danger today but he managed to win two matches including a win over Cory Deuel USA. He also earlier defeated Earl Herring USA, but suffered a loss to Nick Van DenBerg NED. Hundal must win his two matches tomorrow to qualify.

The women are all struggling, with the big surprise Jasmin Ouschan who has not been performing well posting losses and low scores of 36 and 34. Today she lost to Puerto Rico's Alan Rolon and tomorrow she faces elimination if she loses any of her two matches. Liz Ford has little chance of qualifying with four losses already. Gerda Hofstatter also has a tough road after dropping back to back matches against Harriman and Maidhof. Yu Ram Cha is in optimitistic position with two wins and two losses, and she has already played her tougher opponents already.

Matches begin at 9:00am tomorrow morning and will be covered throughout the day by with brackets and updates

Fans and players can still reserve rooms at Hilton East Brunswick at 1-732-828-2000 The room code for the event is "POL" There are still limited amount of rooms available. Tickets can be purchased in advanced at or in person at Amsterdam Billiards in NYC or Comet Billiards in NJ.

The 2008 Predator World Straight Pool Championship is proudly sponsored by Dr.Michael Fedak of NYC, Joel Schapiro of NYC, The Predator Group, Diamond Billiard Products, Aramith Balls, and Simonis Cloth. For more information on player registration, sponsorship, or if you would like to submit a comment, please email or contact Dragon Promotions at 1-407-782-4978.

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