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The Mezz Classic :14.1 and 10-Ball

Orlando , Florida- Big time pool returns to Orlando after five long years! Mezz Cues and Dragon Promotions are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Mezz Classic to be held at Corner Pocket Billiards on August 6-9,2009. The Mezz Classic will feature two pro events with the Mezz Classic Straight Pool Invitational and The Mezz Classic 10-Ball Invitational. This is the first pro event Mezz Cues has title sponsored and they will join alongside presenting sponsor Ozone Billiards. Ozone Billiards will be once again hosting the 4th Annual Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open. Dragon Promotions, Ozone Billiards, and Mezz will also sponsor the 3rd Annual World Junior 10-Ball Open.


Straight Pool and 10-Ball will be the disciplines to be mastered at the Mezz Classic. The event will invite 48 pro players to both tournaments with names such as World Champion and Mezz player Mika Immonen, 2x Reno Open Champ "Iron" Mike Davis, and Korean Women's Champion Yu Ram Cha plus many more. Last year's defending 14.1 Champion Thorsten Hohmann of Germany will be expected to defend his title and the 10-Ball Division Champion Charlie "Korean Dragon" Williams will definitely be back as well.

📷 Charlie Williams and Thorsten Hohmann will be the #1 seeds in their respective divisions at The Mezz Classic as the defending champions

"Mezz is really thrilled to head this event with Dragon Promotions. DP is the largest producer of international billiards worldwide, and Mezz has become an international brand so it's a great fit. Fans always think that I'm using a custom made cue,they are always surprised when they learn Mezz is a manufactured cue. It's that good!" commented Mika Immonen, Co-Founder of Mezz USA. "Title sponsoring a Dragon event is an elite honor, and Mezz is an elite brand in Asia. Teaming with the Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open events, the World Junior 10-Ball Championship, and the Mezz Classic, the events will really showcase what a great product Mezz really is. We are looking forward to exposing the Mezz brand more into the US market".

📷 Immonen has become a businessman with his Mezz USA as well as being one of the world's most elite champions

"Dragon Promotions is really thrilled to team with Mezz Cues to continue this great Florida based event. Mezz is a strongly reputed name in Asia, and the most sought after cue in Japan. It was only a matter of time for them to expand to the western markets", explained Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions. "This event is so well liked with the players and fans, and we feel the Mezz Classic will continue growing in future years as have our other DP events."

Coinciding with the pro event, will be the 4th Annual Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open from August 5-9,2009. The amateur events will have 8-Ball and 9-Ball divisions with Mens, Women, Seniors, and Mixed Doubles. The 3rd Annual World Junior 10-Ball Open will also take place on Aug 8-9,2009. All total there will be 11 events taking place at Corner Pocket Billiards over 5 days.

"We're thrilled to host this professional event! There is already a buzz in town because it's been years since a major pro event has been in Orlando. I already started working on upgrading all our Brunswick tables with new rubber, cloth, and tighter pockets to make it pro caliber", said Tesh Patel, Owner of Corner Pocket Billiards. "Our staff and fans really love to see the champions and when Dragon Promotions offered to bring it here, I didn't hesitate" ,

"The last major event in Orlando was in 2004 at the Predator International Championship that we produced. Since we moved it to Jacksonville and later to Las Vegas, there has been an empty spot here. Orlando is my home, so I'm really heartfelt in that I'm happy that our DP team approved of this event coming to Orlando" said Charlie Williams, Co-Owner of Dragon Promotions. Players wishing to enter pro events can email Amateurs can email . Fans can soon purchase tickets at Corner Pocket Billiards for advance sales on the Pro Straight Pool event and the Pro 10-Ball event . There are limited number of VIP seats available. Any remaining tickets can be purchased on site at the tickets sales counter. All info on events please call DP at 1-407-782-4978 Corner Pockets at (407) 282-5894 Miki Co., Ltd. has been making pool, snooker and carom cues since 1960 from their very own factory in Japan. The final product today is the testament of 50 years in the art of cue making. It's no surprise that Mezz Cues is the #1 brand in Asia. Mezz is happy to be able to offer the Mezz line of products in the US, Europe, and Asia. Mezz translates into "something that is loved and treasured", and that is exactly what every person that owns a Mezz feels. Mezz Cues are used by a variety of international professionals such as World Champion Mika Immonen of Finland, World Champion Kunihiko Takahashi of Japan, World Champion Alex Pagulayan, European Champion Marcus Chamat of Sweden, and American pros Jennifer Barretta, Hunter Lombardo, Sarah Rousey, and Caroline Pao. For the latest news and information of Mezz products and players, visit and

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