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The Dragon Scorches Archer to Win Lucasi Hybrid Classic

The Dragon Scorches Archer to Win Lucasi Hybrid Classic photo courtesy of Inside Pool Magazine

Charlie "Korean Dragon" Williams came on fire the final day of the Lucasi Hybrid Classic. Playing the role of host, producer, promoter, and player, Williams was running around non-stop from 11am till 12am playing and working the event. It didn't seem to faze him as he dispatched top name after top name with a victory over #3 seed Johnny Archer in the finals.

Shane Van Boening looked smooth and it was business as usual for The South Dakota Kid as he went past Santos Sambajon PHI and then cruised past Iron Mike Davis 9-3. Archer slipped past a very strong Tony Crosby 9-8 to meet Shane in the winners side finals.

Meanwhile Williams started off the day with a strong 9-4 win over Butch Croft, and then sent Filipino #1 & World #1 Dennis Orcollo packing home 9-7. Williams seemed in a high gear mode playing at lightning speed and 1-2 stroking everything in sight with players falling to his wayside such as #5 seed Mike Davis 9-4, #10 seed Tony Crosby 9-4. In between the matches Williams was overseeing and working on the Dragon Promotions side of things making sure the World Junior 10-Ball Championships, the four 9-Ball divisions of the Ozone BIlliards US Amateur Open, and the Lucasi Hybrid Classic were all running smoothly. He then came back to play a near flawless and thrilling match against #1 seed Shane Van Boening 9-8.

After Williams conducted his master of ceremonies duties for the top finishers of the World Junior 10-Ball Championships, he went forward to face Player of the Decade Johnny Archer in the final match. Archer had earlier demolished Williams 9-3 on the winners side the day earlier.

📷 Williams kept Archer sitting most of the match

Archer started off with a 3-1 lead but saw Williams zoom past Archer the next 5 games in a row. Archer was able to squeeze out 2 more games but Williams momentum was too strong and his high gear seem unstoppable as he won a decisive 10-5 victory.

"I had a chance in the middle of the match to stop his momentum but I missed an easy 7-ball and then Charlie ran away with it. He played a great finals." said Johnny Archer.

"I really wasn't prepared or planned on winning this event. I really thought I'd just come in the first match or two and then get beat and go back to work and finish off all today's events. We had seven events to finsih all today so we had our work cut out for us! But I'm not complaining, it's nice to still be able to hang with the world's best." said Williams, who is still currently ranked in the top 16 in the US as well as being Co-Owner of Dragon Promotions.

📷 The Lucasi Hybrid Classic Champions: Williams (10-Ball) & Hohmann(14.1) with their respective sponsors Karim Belhaj and Mike Baggett

Complete brackets are online at and matches are being filmed for

All the events are sponsored by Lucasi Hybrid, Cue & Case, Ozone Billiards, and Bankshot Billiards. Official equipment is Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Master Chalk, and Delta-13 Rack. Clothing wear will be available at event by Gambler Clothing and cue repair by Image Que's John Spidel.

More info on events can be found at Complete photo galleries at Video interviews with Van Boening, Williams, Crosby, and more from event at

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