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The Best in the Business Talk Straight Pool

Darren Appleton- England. World 9-Ball, World 10-Ball, US Open Champion

What is the key to lasting the 12 matches it takes to win the World 14.1?

"The key to 12 matches is keeping concentration and patience. There will be times when you spend 30 minutes in a chair with no shot! Lol!"

📷 Stephan Cohen- World 14.1 Champion & European Champion

"I think the first thing is the love of this game. This is the only game I can play 6 hours a day or more sometimes. After if you know how to play in rhythm with good patterns and don't lose your focus too many times or you will spend a lot of energy. Of course you have to be in good shape, too. Then you have to eat a lot of proteins to maintain your body and keep it awake. Milk and caffeine helps for the focus"

📷 Mika Immonen- Finland. World 9-Ball, World 10-Ball, US Open Champion.

What would winning the World Tournament of 14.1 mean to you?

"It would be one of my life goals to win this event. I've been in the finals twice but I never quit until it's done "- Mika

"It was a dream to win this title one time, so to win it two times would be the best achievement of my life."- Stephan

"Winning would be awesome especially for my first time playing in the World Tournament. I am excited to see how i do because my record in 14.1 tournaments is very good . So i think there's a good chance to win and the good thing with this tournament compared to others i played ,no other tournaments played at same time so my focus will be 100% on straight pool"- Darren.

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