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Shanelle Loraine Signs Endorsement with Cream Silk

Manila, Philippines- Billiards beauty star Shanelle Loraine has signed on with Cream Silk, the #1 hair care brand in the Philippines. Shanelle will be appearing in several ads and TV commercials for the mainstream hair care products. Loraine's popularity in the booming billiards country of the Philippines ever since her debut at the Women's World 10-Ball Championship of last June and her recent 3rd place finish with partner Lee Van Corteza at the World Mixed Doubles Classic, both events produced by Dragon Promotions which manages Loraine.

"I was very excited when asked to endorse Cream Silk. It's the most popular hair product brand in the Philippines and nice to be associated with such a trusted and long standing company. And all my relatives in the Philippines and Guam love the commercial!" said Loraine.

Cream Silk has been the dominant market leader in haircare for over 25 years in the Philippines. As the Philippines' most trusted conditioner brand, Cream Silk's motto is "to inspire women all over the country to bring out their hair's full beauty potential". Fans can view the national commericial video at youtube and facebook.

"Shanelle's charming personality and marketability is opening many doors for her. She also works hard on her game behind the scenes. We are getting so many requests for her to goto so many places. Shanelle is great for the sport and a fantastic role model for players." said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.

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