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Reyes & Friends a Smash Hit at The Predator Pro Pool School!

For this first time in billiards history, both Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante participated as instructors to reveal the secrets of Filipino pool, and educate students on their own personal style and knowledge of billiards, which has inspired their nation and impacted the world of pool! Also instructing students, reknown instructor Tony Robles, and 2 times World Champion, Thorsten Hohmann, were with students teaching them on USA & European techniques. This experience of a lifetime was brought to fans and students alike by Dragon Promotions and Predator Cues.

Students came from around the world including France, Mexico, Korea, and all parts of the USA from California to Washington D.C..

Here's what some of the students had to say:

"I've attended almost every school out there and had the honor of taking lessons from many top pros. Out of all of them, PREDATOR PRO POOL SCHOOL WAS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said John Rousseau of Phoenix, AZ.

" This school is GREAT! Learning at this school is like drinking out of a fire hose....comes at you fast!" said "FastMikie" McCafferty from San Diego, CA.

Top Hat Gameroom, Jacksonville, Florida hosted this monumental event. Top Hats Gameroom is a superb family-oriented facility, which was also named a Top 10 Pool Room. Attendance in the Predator Pool School was limited to the first 20 students to ensure that every student received valuable one-on-one instruction, and to promote a balanced teacher-to-student ratio. In a record setting pace, all 20 spots were filled in the first month of open enrollment. Local fans not enrolled in the school, as well as all the students, were privy to a free exhibition by the pros after the first day of class on May 21. In addition to time spent learning from the pros, all the pro school students were invited to a BBQ party at Thorsten Hohmann and roomie, Dan Laski's, home to enjoy a homecooked meal, as well as an opportunity to get to know the pros outside of school.

"The BBQ was EXCELLENT! It was great to meet and socialize with the pros and get to know them more." said Kerry McAuliffe, Boston, MA.

"It was nice to meet the pros on a personal level, not just pool talk." said another student about the school and the extracurricular activities.

20 out of 20 students who took a survey all said they would not only recommend the Predator Pro Pool School to others, but they themselves would come back for future schools.

For more info on hosting a pool school or attending future schools email or call Dragon Promotions at 1-407-782-4978

Class of '08

Special thanks to sponsors Erik Decious of the Billiard Factory, Mike Baggett & Jim Lucas of Cue & Case.

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