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Phantom of the Opera and Billiards Unite to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

Long Island, New York - Dragon Promotions is very proud to announce that they are supporting the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts by coordinating donations from the billiard industry for the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Benefit Concert on Long Island. The concert, a brainchild of Dr. Louis Pannullo, is already set to raise $10,000 and will feature Phantom of the Opera stars Jeremy Stolle and Elizabeth Welch as well as world renowned pianist, Philip Edward Fisher. Dr. Louis Pannullo will be accompanying the stars as they sing for a welcoming crowd. The event takes place at his home on Long Island on December16th, 2012.

“I am extremely blessed to be surrounded by so many talented and generous people in so many different circles. Philip, Jeremy and Elizabeth are good friends and world class musicians that are donating their time to participate in what’s going to be an extraordinary event helping many people in a time of great need,” said Dr. Louis Pannullo, straight pool aficionado and classically trained pianist.

The longest running and most successful entertainment event in history. And still ongoing nightly!

The Phantom of the Opera is the most successful musical show of all time celebrating over 25 straight years on Broadway. It won the Tony Award in 1988 and boasts a total worldwide box office receipts of over $5.1 billion. Phantom is the highest-grossing entertainment event of all time and has been seen by over 130 million people in 145 cities in 27 countries. Jeremy Stolle ( and Elizabeth Welch (, currently playing the Phantom and Christine respectively, have extensive musical resumes and have been in numerous other television, Broadway and Operatic productions.

Broadway stars Jeremy Stolle, Elizabeth Welch, and world renown pianist Philip Fisher graciously donating their talents

For this event, Jeremy and Elizabeth have captured the limelight, but performing that evening is a world-class classical pianist Philip Edward Fisher as well. Coincidentally, Philip was introduced to Dr. Pannullo by world champion Thorsten Hohmann. Philip is no stranger to fundraisers at the home of Dr. Pannullo. In 2009, he and Dr. Pannullo raised $10,000 for children and families with cancer. Philip Fisher has a strong passion for billiards and music stating that both require fine motor skills and a need for focused, decisive practice.

Dr. Louis Pannullo's passion for billiards and music

"I've been practicing day and night preparing for this. It's a lot of pressure, but I love it. It's comparable to getting ready to participate in the World Straight Pool Championship. I’m a dentist, not a professional musician nor pool player but I enjoy supporting people I love and the causes that matter to me. These Broadway stars are amazing to be around and to work with. They've taken me under their wings just like pro pool players Mika Immonen and Thorsten Hohmann have in the past," expressed Dr. Pannullo. Louis is an avid pool enthusiast and has been a consistent patron sponsor of the World 14.1 for the past several years. He maintains a celebrity studded dental practice on both Long Island and Manhattan with notable professional players as Jeanette Lee, Thorsten Hohmann, Allison Fisher, Tony Robles, Charlie Williams, Jasmin Ouschan, and many others.

"It's a fantastic thing that Louis is doing. When he told me about it, I said that I'd be there for sure. Coincidentally, Phantom of the Opera is my all- time favorite show. I watched it in Toronto when I was 18 years old. Since then, I've seen it eight times from New York City to London. I couldn't believe my good fortune to finally be able to meet the Phantom!" said Williams, a world renowned billiards pro and Co-Owner of billiards production giant, Dragon Promotions.

Billiard industry leaders joining in for a terrific cause

The whole event was fairly spur-of-the-moment, and fortunately, industry leaders, such as OB Cues and Championship Cloth, were quick to answer the call to help.

"We are thrilled to be a part of such a cool event. We know it's not every day that a cue company has an opportunity to be a part of a noble cause that at the same time is a musical spectacle!", said Shane Sinnott, Sales & Marketing Manager for OB Cues.

"Championship Cloth is very happy to participate in this relief effort for Hurricane Sandy. It's a great idea and we are very honored to be a part of it," said Fred Cohen, President of Championship Brands, LLC.

The Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert will take place at the home of Drs. Louis and Julie Pannullo. Tickets are $250 per person and are extremely limited. More information regarding reservations can be seen at

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