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Immonen Heating Up at Lucasi Hybrid Classic

The Lucasi Hybrid Invitational Classic is underway at Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville, Florida with 39 players competing in the 14.1 division.

While all of the top seeds received byes into the second round, Mika Immonen FIN has quickly staked his claim to the high run honors with a 119 ball run against Brandon Shuff. Immonen won that match 125-19. Charlie Williams defeated junior up comer Adam Behnke 125-34. Other results of first matches are Van Boening over Neil Fujiawara, Sambajon PHI over Chavez MEX 125-51. NYC 14.1 legend Danny Barouty defeated Florida pro Dave Grossman.


In another match of interest to the fans in Jacksonville, 14 & Under USA Junior Champ Landon Shuffett defeated 19 & Under USA Junior Champ Austin Murphy. Shuffett will face Tony Crosby in round two.

Currently at this time #1 seed Thorsten Hohmann GER was leading 107-12 against USA's Dave Broxson.

Marquee matches coming up include Johnny Archer USA vs Santos Sambajon PHI, Williams vs Barouty.

All the events are sponsored by Lucasi Hybrid, Cue & Case, Ozone Billiards, and Bankshot Billiards. Official equipment is Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Master Chalk, and Delta-13 Rack. Clothing wear will be available at event by Gambler Clothing and cue repair by Image Que's John Spidel.

Tickets on sale now at Bankshot Billiards More info on events can be found at

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