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Doom Over Lightning:Fisher Defeats Cha in Hopkins Women's 10-Ball Shootout

Valley Forge, PA- Allen Hopkins sponsored and hosted his 2nd Annual Women's 10-Ball Invitational Shootout once again during the Super Billiards Expo. Last year 8 players were invited, but this year the demand was so great from so many top women attending his show, that Hopkins generously opened the field to 16 players. Not only that, but Allen put up the whole purse out of his pocket at $5000 with no entry fees, and then once he opened the field up he added another $5000!

Fisher still has it - Photo courtesy Professor QBall

This year's field was chalk full of WPBA talent with players such as 72 title winner Allison Fisher, recent 3rd Place WPBA finisher Sarah Rousey, top pros Kim Shaw and Megan Smith, Empress Cup Champion Jennifer Baretta, and Billiards Digest Breakthrough Player of the Year Yu Ram Cha. Other pro notables included Angel Paglia, Caroline Pao, My Hahn Lac and Morgan Steinman.

Fisher and Cha seemed to be the pre-tourny favorites as they headed on a collision course for the finals. Fisher never had an opponent lead her nor get pass 4 games as she dominated her first match 10-2, then cruised passed Pao 10-4, and finally Shaw 10-3. Cha didn't break much of a sweat either with wins over Christine DelaGarza 10-5, 10-2 pounding of Smith, and then a 10-6 workout with Barretta. Shaw and Barretta were left with a respectable 3rd place tie.

📷 The vastly improved Cha notches another one to experience...

It was The Little Lightning vs The Duchess of Doom as the young 21 year old Korean phenom took on the vastly experienced British ice woman. Cha showed some nerves early on as she was not able to capitalize on some open shots and soon found herself down 3-0. She got on the board at 3-1, but Fisher seemed to be in stroke and control. Fisher broke with a soft but firm break making balls while Cha electrified the rack with her power smashes. Ironically, it was Fisher with the more success on the breaks. Cha fought hard but Fisher did not leave much unforced errors for Cha to gain on and Allison had another breezy win in her career at a 10-5 final score.

Fisher took home an easy $3000 for the win while Cha settled for $1500. Every participant received her portion of prize money including $250 for last place. Thank you and congrats to Allen Hopkins for another fine event!

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