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Cue & Case Awards Over $10,000 in Bonus Money to Players at Lucasi Hybrid Classic

Jacksonville, Florida- Cue & Case, creators of the Lucasi Hybrid Cues, has great news for all the players participating at the Lucasi Hybrid Classic pro,junior and amateur events. Any player using the Lucasi Hybrid cue and wearing the Lucasi logo or patch and wins any of the 11 events during July 30-Aug 3,2008 will receive an extra $1000 bonus.

The Lucasi Hybrid

Players using Lucasi Hybrid Cues will be very motivated by this. Lucasi patches will be available for free at player registration during the events. Lucasi products will also be on display and for sale at the event.

"Players over the years have helped build our name and our company, and we want to reward them for their support and achievements. It's important to invest into the sport on all levels, and that's why we are creating opportunities for pros,amateurs, and juniors alike." explained Mike Baggett, Vice President of Cue & Case.

The 11 divisions qualified for receivement of the $1000 bonuses are: Lucasi Hybrid Classic 14.1 & 10-Ball pro divisions, The Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open 8-Ball Divisions including Open, Women's, Seniors; 9-Ball Divisions including Open, Women's, Seniors, and Mixed Doubles. Also, the Dragon Promotions World Junior 10-Ball Championships Boys & Girls divisions.

" This is a very generous gesture on the part of Lucasi and Cue & Case. Players in the US Amateur Open and World Juniors can win as much money as they would for first place by just using their product. It's rare to see incentives like this for amateurs and juniors." commented Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.

The Lucasi Hybrid is the newest creation of Cue & Case in creating an affordable advanced engineered cue. The cue is currently used by World 9-Ball & World 14.1 Champion Thorsten Hohmann. View the commercial video for the Lucasi Hybrid at

Open spots are still available in all the events and players are encouraged to sign up at the event in person.

All the events are sponsored by Lucasi Hybrid, Cue & Case, Ozone Billiards, and Bankshot Billiards. Official equipment is Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Master Chalk, and Delta-13 Rack. Clothing wear will be available at event by Gambler Clothing and cue repair by Image Que's John Spidel.

Cue & Case has been in business for 15 years and was founded by Jim Lucas. Jim's goal to provide pool players with a high quality, genuine inlay cue at an affordable price was achieved with the Lucasi cues and they have been in production for almost 10 years. Cue & Case is also one of the largest billiard distributors providing dealers with a complete line of all items needed to create the ultimate gameroom.

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